Complying with Child Support Orders

Once a child support order is established, the Child Support Program works with families and partners to help children receive the support they need and deserve. When there is a lack of voluntary compliance with a support order, the Program can take additional steps to achieve compliance.

The Child Support Program has a variety of methods which may be used to assist a parent in complying with their support order. This includes situations when a parent does not pay, does not reach a payment agreement with the Program or if a parent contests the action being taken against them. State and federal laws apply to how and when certain methods can be used. The Child Support Program also partners with other state child support agencies when one parent lives in another state.

Learn more about the actions used to increase compliance:

Income WithholdingThe Child Support Program sends income withholding for support notices to employers. Employers deduct and send child support payments for employees who owe support.LEARN MORE Suspension ActionsDriver, professional and recreational licenses may be suspended for nonpayment of support. LEARN MORE Court ActionsThe Child Support Program takes some cases to court for nonpayment. The outcomes vary depending on each case, but can include full or partial payment of past-due support, contempt of court, work search or job training.LEARN MORE LiensLiens on motor vehicles and boats may be filed for nonpayment of support.LEARN MORE Other CollectionsThe Child Support Program can collect money from insurance settlements, IRS tax refunds, workers' compensation benefits and other income sources.LEARN MORE Bank AccountsThe Child Support Program can collect past-due support from bank accounts.LEARN MORE Credit ReportingThe Child Support Program can report past-due amounts to credit agencies.LEARN MORE Medical SupportThe Child Support Program can take action to enroll child(ren) in health insurance or to collect a child's medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.LEARN MORE CostsThe Child Support Program can collect costs that are owed from a legal action and that are past-due by 30 days.LEARN MORE