Payment Agreement

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Payment Agreements & Driver License Reinstatement If your driver license has been suspended due to non-payment of child support, contact the Child Support Program. A payment agreement is the quickest way to get your license reinstated. Once there is a signed payment agreement, you should be able to receive your reinstated driver license at a local DHSMV or tax collector within approximately two business days. Learn more about other ways to get your license reinstated

A payment agreement is a written plan a parent makes with the Child Support Program to pay their past-due support, usually through regular monthly payments. Payment agreements are used when a parent who owes past-due support is unable to pay the full amount all at once.

Parents can contact the Child Support Program to request a payment agreement. There is no need to call or visit a local office to request a payment agreement. You can request it by email and we will contact you within two business days. Also, if you recently received a notice about license suspension, you may be able to request a payment agreement online through your eServices account.

Parents who make timely payments following an approved payment agreement will not be subject to driver license suspension and certain other enforcement actions.

The payment agreement is signed by the parent who owes support and by the Program's representative. The payments are agreed to after considering the parent's ability to pay. Sometimes, a lump sum payment is part of the agreement. After that, the agreed upon payments must be made on time or the Program may take enforcement action.

An agreement does not change the terms of a support order. Current support that is owed must be paid on time as ordered.