Suspension Actions

Actions taken for late or non-payment of child support

If a parent does not make child support payments as ordered, the Child Support Program will mail payment notices to the parent. The parent can contact the Program to discuss entering into a payment agreement when they receive these notices. The quickest and easiest way to request a payment agreement is using eServices.

If the parent who owes support does not begin paying or contact the Program to discuss why they cannot pay, the Child Support Program may begin a driver, business, professional, or recreational license suspension action.

Driver license and registration suspension Business, professional or recreational license suspension

Parents Who Owe Support
What you can do

The Child Support Program wants to work with parents. If you receive a notice about late payments, do the following:

  1. Pay the past-due amount (or as much of it as you can) as soon as possible.
  2. Request a payment agreement online or by email.
  3. Contact the Child Support Program if you think the notice was sent to you in error or you need help.
You must take action within 20 days of the date of the notice to suspend your driver license or registration.
You must take actions within 30 days of the date of the notice of intent to suspend your business, professional or recreational license.