General Tax Administration Program

The General Tax Administration Program of the Florida Department of Revenue administers over 30 taxes and fees, including communications services tax, corporate income tax, fuel tax, reemployment tax, and sales and use tax. Read more...


A new law (Chapter 2019-168, Laws of Florida, creating section 220.27, F.S.) requires that taxpayers filing a Florida corporate income/franchise tax return (Form F-1120 or F-1120A) for taxable years beginning during the 2018 and 2019 calendar years report additional information to the Florida Department of Revenue. A list of the requirements and information needed are found in Tax Information Publication #19C01-03.

The Department has issued Emergency Order No. 19-002 implementing provisions of the Governor’s Executive Order No. 19-190 (RE: Hurricane Dorian), which states that the Department recognizes emergency preparations for, and response to, Hurricane Dorian may impede taxpayers’ ability to submit Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Additional Information, on or before the September 3, 2019 filing date provided for by law.

Therefore, the Department will consider submissions of CIT Additional Information made on or before October 27, 2019, timely and will automatically waive any penalty under section 220.27(1)(e), F.S., that would otherwise be due. CIT Additional Information due after October 27, 2019, must be submitted within 10 days of the extended due date or the date the related return is filed, whichever is earlier. For more information, visit the Department’s Submit Corporate Income Information webpage.

For updated information throughout the year, as well as during emergencies such as impending natural disasters, tax filers are encouraged to sign up to receive real-time electronic updates by visiting,


​If you file and pay taxes online, you can submit your electronic return before the filing deadline and schedule the payment. Payment scheduling helps ensure timely filing and payment and helps you avoid Internet connection or access problems that may occur on the due date. Read more.


​Do you owe unpaid or underpaid taxes? If the Department has not already contacted you about these liabilities, you can pay them under our voluntary disclosure program. In many cases, we will waive the penalties. Read more.