Online Florida Business Tax Application (DR-1) will be Unavailable

The online Florida Business Tax Application (DR-1) will be unavailable due to maintenance beginning at 6:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. During this maintenance, the current online application will be replaced with a new system. If you have started an application in the current system, you must complete and submit your application by 6:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, or you will be required to start over in the new system. The new system will be available no later than 8:00 a.m. ET on April 6, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Account Management and Registration

You may be required to register to collect, accrue, and remit taxes or fees if you are engaged in activities associated with a tax or fee. You must register before you begin your business activities. Once registered, you can enroll to file and pay electronically. If you are a registered taxpayer and would like more information on electronic file and pay requirements, visit the Department's Enroll to File and Pay Electronically webpage. For more information on eServices offered by the Department, visit eServices for Taxes, Fees and Other State Remittances webpage. For more information on a specific tax or fee, visit the Department's Taxes and Fees or Refunds webpage.

Need to Register?

You can register for the following taxes and fees using the Department's online Florida Business Tax Application (DR-1), or you can download the Florida Business Tax Application (Form DR-1 PDF Icon), and its instructions PDF Icon.

Communications Services Tax New Tire Fee
Documentary Stamp Tax Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee
Gross Receipts Tax on Dry-Cleaning Reemployment (Unemployment) Tax
Gross Receipts Tax on Utility Services Rental Car Surcharge
Lead-Acid Battery Fee Sales and Use Tax
Miami-Dade County Lake Belt Fees Severance Taxes

You must submit a registration application for the following taxes and licenses:

  • Air Carrier Fuel Tax - Application for Air Carrier Fuel Tax Licenses (Form DR-176 PDF Icon).
  • Fuel and/or Pollutants Tax - Registration Package for Motor Fuel and/or Pollutants Registrants (Form GT-400401 PDF Icon).
  • Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers - Registration Application for Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers (Form DR-1S PDF Icon), which includes instructions.

Registering Nonprofits in Florida

Governmental entities and certain nonprofit organizations may apply for exemption from sales and use tax on purchases for their own use. Download the Application for Consumer's Certificate of Exemption (Form DR-5 PDF Icon).

Depending on the organization's structure and activities, registration with other agencies may also be required. For more information, visit the Department's Nonprofit Organizations webpage.

Information Needed to Register

You must provide certain information depending on the type of business and the taxes for which you are registering, such as business activities, business location, and opening date. You can download a chart PDF Icon which shows the required identification and owner information based on the legal entity of the applicant. Addresses to be used for mailing must be valid according to the United States Postal Service website.

Resume a Registration Session

If you have started the online Florida Business Tax Application (Form DR-1), you can resume your unfinished session using your recovery ID and your Federal Employer Identification (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN).

Make Changes to Your Account

You must notify the Florida Department of Revenue if you:

  • Change your business name;
  • Change your mailing address;
  • Change your location address within the same county;
  • Close or sell your business; or
  • Your business becomes active and you will sell or rent taxable property or services.

The quickest way to notify the Department is to update your account online.

You must submit a new registration using the online registration system or complete a paper Florida Business Tax Application (Form DR-1 PDF Icon) if you:

  • Move your business location from one Florida county to another;
  • Add another location;
  • Change your legal entity; or
  • Change the ownership of your business.

Check Status of Submitted Online Registration or Retrieve Approved Certificate Number

To check the status of a submitted online registration or to retrieve your approved certificate number, you must have:

  • The online registration confirmation number, and
  • Either:
    • Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN); or
    • Social Security Number (SSN).

Visit the Department's Certificate Number Retrieval webpage.