How to Receive Medical Expenses Not Covered by Insurance

If you are the parent who receives support, you may be able to receive medical expenses not covered by insurance. Before the Child Support Program can assist, you must ask the other parent in writing to pay you directly what they owe for the medical expenses you have paid.

When asking the other parent to pay their share of the medical expenses, you should follow the instructions outlined in your support order.

If your support order does not provide instructions, you should include the following in your written request to the other parent:

  • Date you are making the request
  • Name of the child who received the medical service
  • Name of the doctor or medical provider
  • Type of medical service received
  • Date the medical service was received
  • Amount you paid for the service
  • Amount the other parent owes you for their part of the medical expense
  • Date by which the other parent should pay you

If your support order does not outline the timeframe for medical expense payments, you may provide the other parent 30 days from the date they receive your written request.

You may also provide the other parent copies of the medical bills and the proof that you paid those bills.

Keep a copy of your written request and all attachments. If the other parent does not pay you their share of the medical expenses and you would like the Child Support Program to assist, a copy of all documents and correspondence sent to the other parent will be required to provide to the Program.