Establishing Orders for Child and Medical Support

Parents have a responsibility to support their children financially. Getting child support is important to your child's well-being.

A child support order sets the amount and type of support parents are required to provide for their children.

We can help you get a child support order if you are signed up for our services.

Benefits that may be included in a child support order:

  • Amount of child support that must be paid
  • Medical insurance plan

    Additional medical costs not covered by insurance

  • Paternity - if the mother was not married when the child was born

We can assist in establishing an order even if one parent does not live in Florida.

Our services are to help you get a child support order and do not include:

  • Help with a divorce
  • Help with child custody
  • Help getting spousal support or alimony

Learn more about getting a child support order.

Child support payment amount

In Florida, the amount of child support a parent is responsible to pay depends on the income and assets of both parents. We use the guidelines set in Florida law to decide the child support amount.

We ask parents to give us information about their finances such as paychecks and income tax returns so we can apply the guidelines to come to the child support payment amount.

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