About the Child Support Program

Working with families and partners to help children receive the Child Support they need and deserve

The Florida Child Support Program provides child support services to over 879,000 children and annually collects over a billion dollars in child support for families.

Our Program's purpose is to help children get the financial support they need when it is not received from one or both parents. To accomplish this, we work with families, other state and federal agencies, and private companies to take critical steps in the child support process.

Services to Families

  • Establish paternity
  • Establish and change child support orders
  • Process child support payments
  • Monitor and take action to help parents comply with child support orders

The Child Support Program cannot assist with visitation or custody. If you have legal questions about those matters, you should contact a lawyer or Family Law Self-Help Center near you. We can assist parents with establishing a parenting time schedule in some circumstances.

Our services are available when a parent lives in another state or country. For more information about our services and what happens during a child support case, visit our Parent Services page.

The Child Support Program administers child support services in all but two Florida counties. In Miami-Dade County we partner with the State Attorney's Office for services and in Manatee County we partner with Manatee County Clerk of Court for services.

The Child Support Process At-A-Glance