Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing identifies a child's biological father.

It is fast easy and reliable.

How is Genetic Testing Done?

Genetic testing starts with collection of samples from the mother, child and alleged father. The Child Support Program will schedule a genetic sample collection at a location near you. You will receive written notice of the date, time and place. Samples are collected from the mouth using a swab inside the cheek and sent to a lab that performs the genetic test. Learn more

When Will the Results Be Ready?

genetic test results are ready in about two weeks
  • Results are mailed about 2 weeks after the last sample is taken.
  • Test results are not available by phone.

What do the Results Mean?

The results show if the person tested is the biological father.

99 percent or higher equals the biological father. 0 percent equals not the biological father

*0% result will close the case with the man who was believed to be the father. We will contact the mother for next steps.

Once a Father is Identified, What's Next?

Order of paternity
  • A final order of paternity is established.
  • The child's birth certificate is updated with the father's name.

When is Genetic Testing Needed?

Genetic testing is needed to establish paternity and the results are used in both administrative and court actions.

The 7 Steps to Genetic Testing

  1. The mother and child(ren) and the man believed to be the father are scheduled for individual genetic test appointments.
    • Everyone must attend their appointment and bring a photo ID and the DNA Sample Collection for Paternity Testing  form included with the appointment notice. *Identification is required to make sure the right person is tested.
    • *If the child does not have a photo ID, a birth certificate, Social Security card, insurance card, or school ID can be used.
  2. At the appointment, a photo is taken of each person tested. The photo is used to identify the person tested and is sent to the lab with the sample.
  3. At separate appointments, the mother and man believed to be the father collect the sample from themselves in the presence of a laboratory technician.
    • Adults to be tested rub the inside of their mouth with a swab. The sample is sent to the lab and tested when all samples have been collected.
  4. The adult who brings the child to the appointment rubs inside the child's mouth with a swab to get the child's sample.
  5. The laboratory technician places the samples collected in a sealed envelope with the photos taken and the paperwork that identifies whose sample was taken. The envelope is shipped to the genetic testing lab.
  6. The lab compares the DNA in the cells of the mother, the man believed to be the father, and the child to get the test results.
    • The lab sends the test results to us about 2 weeks after the last sample is taken.
    • For example: The mother and child gave a sample on March 4. The alleged father gave a sample on March 15. We will get the test results from the laboratory about 2 weeks after March 15.
  7. Once we get the genetic test results from the laboratory, we will send the results to the mother and the man believed to be the father in the mail. We do not provide test results over the phone.

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