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Visit the Father First website at
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Our Resources for Parents page offers links to information to empower fathers.
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Visit the Resources for Parents page.
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Find helpful videos with instructions on completing common child support forms
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Learn more about reporting new or re-hired employees and independent contractors
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Go to any Walmart MoneyCenter to pay in cash
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For more information, call 1-877-769-0251
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​The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert on March 3, 2023 to warn taxpayers of new scams that urge people to use wage information on a tax return to claim false credits in hopes of getting a big refund.

To learn more about this alert, visit:

IRS warns taxpayers of n​ew filing season scams involv​ing Form W-2 wages

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) authorize state child support agencies to hold federal tax refund offsets for up to six months while the Internal Revenue Service investigates the validity of offset collections when fraud is suspected.

The Florida Child Support Program is monitoring for possible fraudulent offsets and reports these to OCSS. This may mean an offset collection received on your case may be held for up to six months.

For more information on federal guidance, please visit:

OCSS Timeframe to Distribute Tax Offsets Referred for Fraud


Check out new resources available to assist parents and families on the Child Support Program Resources for Parents page!​

You can find information on how to receive Advance Child Tax Credit payments, including the Non-Filer Sign Up Tool which is available if you were not required to file a tax return and have not filed one for 2020 or 2019. There are also resources if you need rent and utilities assistance or are searching for a job, job training or job placement assistance.

Don’t miss an important update on your case! Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date online. You can update your addresses, phone numbers and change your email address all through your Child Support eServices account. Login or sign up for Child Support eServices today! Keeping your information up-to-date will ensure you continue to receive important mailings and that we can contact you.

One of the highest priorities at the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Program is protecting your information. Please know that the Program will never call or email you to ask for your personal information, unless a team member is working on your child support case and needs to clarify information that has been previously requested or provided by you. The Program will never call to ask you for your credit card information or credit card payments.

If you visit a Child Support office, you will need to bring a photo ID or be prepared to provide other information about yourself to verify your identity. If you call the Child Support Program, we will ask you to verify information such as your name, Social Security number, date of birth, mailing address, email and phone number to assist you further.

Remember, the main phone numbers for the Child Support Program are on the Program’s Contact page. Emails from the Department will always come from an email address ending in


Through Florida KidCare, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18.

There are many K-12 Scholarship Programs available to Florida’s families and their children. Information can be found on the Department of Education’s website at: