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Internet Redesign Quick Survey

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Internet Site Quick Surveys

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Tax Publication Quick Surveys

If you have received or accessed any of the following publications, click on the pertinent link to go to the appropriate survey site. Please take a minute or two to complete the survey. If you have not received or accessed any of these publications, please go back to FDOR main page.

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    • Brochures
      For recipients of DOR publication mailouts, or readers of any of these publications online:
      • e-Services: Filing and Paying Your Taxes Electronically
      • Florida's Sales and Use Tax
      • Guide for Business Owners
      • Florida Tax Information for New Residents
      • Looking at Business Opportunities In Florida?
      • Florida's Discretionary Sales Surtax
      • Florida's Corporate Income Tax
      • Beginning Your Relationship with the Department of Revenue
      • What Employers Need to Know about Reemployment Tax
      • Florida Taxpayer's Bill of Rights
      • Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax

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