Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and Taxpayer Rights Advocate

Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights
The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is found in the Florida Constitution and reads, in part:  “By general law the legislature shall prescribe and adopt a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that, in clear and concise language, sets forth taxpayers’ rights and responsibilities and government’s responsibilities to deal fairly with taxpayers under the laws of this state.”  Twenty-one rights are compiled in the statutory enactment by the Legislature, including the right to assistance from a Taxpayer Rights Advocate in the Department. Further information about the Taxpayer’s Bill of rights can be found at  

Taxpayer Rights Advocate
The Taxpayer Rights Advocate’s mission is to help taxpayers promptly resolve problems that haven’t been resolved through normal department administrative processes.  The office is not a substitute for the Department’s normal administrative procedures for appealing a tax assessment.  The office can, however, provide assistance if a taxpayer feels all the issues in a case were not properly addressed.
The Department of Revenue’s Taxpayer Rights Advocate is Patrick Loebig. If you believe the Taxpayer Rights Advocate could assist you with your tax issue, please contact Patrick or his staff at 850-617-8168 or