Property Tax Oversight

In Florida, local governments are responsible for administering property tax. The Department of Revenue's Property Tax Oversight p​rogram provides oversight and assistance to local government officials, including property appraisers, tax collectors, and value adjustment boards.

The Property Tax System

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The Florida Constitution and Statutes define the roles and authority for the various entities involved in Florida’s property tax system. Find out more at these links:

Annual PTO Cycle Who, What, When of the PTO System A Florida Homeowner's Guide: Millage

Contact a County Official

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Are you a taxpayer with a question? Contact your local official.

As property tax is administered locally, the best resources for assistance with property tax matters are the property appraiser and the tax collector in the county where the property is located. Find websites for county property appraisers, tax collectors, and VABs at

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2023 Tax Certificate Sale Information for Florida Counties

Annually, the Property Tax Oversight program surveys tax collectors to capture information regarding the location of the counties' tax certificate sales, whether live or electronic. The 2023 Tax Certificate Sale Information for Florida Counties is available to the general public as the tax collectors prepare for the sale of tax certificates for unpaid taxes. Please contact the county tax collector for additional information.​​


​On December 16, 2022, Chapter 2022-272 was signed into law, providing property tax relief for residential properties rendered uninhabitable for 30 days or more due to Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole. Property owners must file an application for refund with the property appraiser no sooner than January 1, 2023 and no later than April 3, 2023.

The Department has prepared Property Tax Oversight Informational Bulletin 23-01 to provide general information on the new law.

The Department has also developed A Florida Homeowner's Guide: Property Tax Relief for Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole to assist taxpayers who may be eligible for refund.​​


For more information related to Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, please visit Property Tax Oversight’s “Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners” section found here.​