Quick Facts about the Florida Department of Revenue

The Florida Department of Revenue:

  • Administers three main programs: Child Support Program; General Tax Administration; and Property Tax Oversight.
  • Works on behalf of more than 1.2 million children to establish and collect child support.
  • Distributes more than $1.6 billion a year in child support payments to families.
  • Helps establish paternity for more than 95,000 children a year, providing them with a legal father.
  • Collects more than $40 billion a year in taxes and fees annually.
  • Processes more than 9 million tax filings annually.
  • Distributes nearly $3 billion dollars in discretionary sales surtax collections each year to local jurisdictions, including counties, cities, and school districts.
  • Processes more than $5 billion in receipts for other state agencies annually.
  • Reviews the property tax roll for each of Florida's 67 counties every year.
  • Provides education, assistance and certification to 1,408 local government entities every year.
  • Oversees the local appraisal and assessment of taxes on more than 11 million parcels of property with a total value of over $2.7 trillion dollars