​​Tax Information Publications 2022​

Tax Information Publications (TIPs) are provided for reference and information. Each TIP deals with specific tax issues that do not necessarily affect all taxpayers. Please read the TIP to determine if the information affects you. If you have questions, call Taxpayer Assistance at 850-488-6800 Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Sign up for the Department's subscription service to receive an email when a new TIP is posted.

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TIP # and Date Issued

Current Interest Rates

TIP #21ADM-02 PDF Icon
Date Issued: 11/01/21
Floating Rate of Interest Remains at 7 Percent for the Period January 1, 2022 Through June 30, 2022

Communications Services Tax

TIP #21A19-03 PDF Icon
Date Issued:  11/29/21
Changes in Local Communications Services Tax Rates Effective January 1, 2022

Corporate Income Tax

TIP #22C01-01 PDF Icon
Date Issued:  01/04/22
Florida Corporate Income/Franchise Tax – Internship Tax Credit Program
TIP #22C01-02 PDF Icon
Date Issued:  01/13/22
Florida Corporate Income Tax 2022 Automatic Refund

Fuel Tax

TIP #21B05-02 PDF Icon
Date Issued: 11/17/21
Fuel Tax Rates Adjusted Beginning January 1, 2022

Intangible Tax

TIP #22C02-01 PDF Icon
Date Issued: 01/05/22
2022 Governmental Leasehold Intangible Tax Valuation Factor Table

Sales and Use Tax

TIP #21A01-13 PDF Icon
Date Issued:  12/29/21
Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Rates by State (as of December 29, 2021)
TIP #22A01-01 PDF Icon
Date Issued:  01/05/22
Madison County Increases Its Tourist Development Tax Rate From 3% to 5%