Recently Adopted Rules

Effective August 28, 2019

Effective July 9, 2019

Effective July 8, 2019

Effective January 8, 2019

Effective September 17, 2018

    Rule 12B-5.150   Public Use Forms

    Rule 12D-7.003   Exemption of Property of Widows, Widowers, Blind Persons, and Persons Totally and Permanently Disabled; Disabled Ex-Service Members, Spouses

    Rule 12D-16.002   Index to Forms

    Rule 12E-1.008   Determination of Cooperation; Determination of Noncooperation; Determination of Good Cause

    Rule 12E-1.011   Lottery Intercept

    Rule 12E-1.014   Federal Offset Program; Passport Denial; Secretary of the Treasury Full Collection Services

    Rule 12E-1.030   Administrative Establishment of Child Support Obligations

    Rule 12E-1.036   Administrative Establishment of Paternity and Support Obligations