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Rule Number:12E-1.039
Rule Title:Request for Services
Next Step:The Department did not receive a request for the August 11, 2021 workshop. Therefore, the workshop has been canceled. The Department will post further updates as they become available.
CS-ES50 - Application Instructions
CS-ES51 - Application for Child Support Services
CS-ES51ACI - Child Information
CS-ES52 - Other Parent Information
CS-ES55 - Response to Request for Services and/or Information Request
CS-ES56 - Information Needed to Provide Services
CS-ES119 - Father/Alleged Father Information
CS-PO34 - Paternity Declaration

Workshop Information:August 12, 2021
Draft Rule Language:July 29, 2021
Notice of Rule Development:July 29, 2021 (Vol. 47, No. 146, PP. 3503-3504)

Purpose:    The purpose of the proposed amendments is to incorporate, by reference, changes to forms used in the application for services process that eliminate the request for information available to the Department on other forms or by other means, and to remove an obsolete form, Additional Information (CS-ES56ACI).