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Florida Proposed Rules

Rule Number: Rule Title
Rule 12E-1.0051Undistributable Collections
Rule 12E-1.012Consumer Reporting Agencies
Rule 12E-1.027Written Agreements for Payment of Past-Due Support
Rule 12E-1.030 Administrative Establishment of Child Support Obligations

Next Step:A workshop will be held, if requested in writing, at 1:00 PM on June 10, 2022, in Room 1220, Building Two, 2450 Shumard Oak Boulevard in Tallahassee. An agenda and materials for the workshop are available below.

Rule 12E-1.0051, F.A.C.
Notice of Uncashed Check (CS-FM166)
Request for Disbursement Denied (CS-FM127)

Rule 12E-1.012, F.A.C.
Notice of Decision Concerning Report to Consumer Reporting Agencies (CS-EF62)

Rule 12E-1.027, F.A.C.
Payment Agreement for Past-Due Support (CS-EF91)

Rule 12E-1.030, F.A.C.
Request to Terminate Support (CS-OA179)
Response to Request to Terminate Support (CS-OA180)
Notice of Intent to Terminate Support, Determine Arrears and Establish Payment on Arrears (CS-OA160)
Final Order Terminating Support, Determining Arrears and Establishing Payment on Arrears (CS-OA178)

Workshop Information:June 10, 2022
Draft Rule Language:May 27, 2022
Notice of Rule Development:May 25, 2022 (Vol. 48, No. 102, P. 2141)

Purpose:    The proposed amendments are necessary to incorporate forms and update current procedures.