Florida Proposed Rules

Rule Number:12B-5.150
Rule Title:Public Use Forms
Next Step:The Department will present this rule to the Governor and Cabinet during the regularly-scheduled Cabinet meeting on June 13, 2018, to request approval to publish a Notice of Proposed Rule in the Florida Administrative Register. The meeting will take place at 9:00a.m. in the Cabinet Meeting Room in the Lower Level of the Capitol. Rule materials for the meeting are available below, and additional information about the Cabinet meeting can be found on the Governor and Cabinet's meeting website.
DR-138 - Application for Fuel Tax Refund Agricultural, Aquacultural, Commercial Fishing or Commercial Aviation Purposes
DR-156 - Florida Fuel or Pollutants Tax Application
DR-156R - Renewal Application for Florida Fuel/Pollutants License
DR-160 - Application for Fuel Tax Refund Mass Transit System Users
DR-176 - Application for Air Carrier Fuel Tax License
DR-189 - Application for Fuel Tax Refund Municipalities, Counties and School Districts
DR-190 - Application for Fuel Tax Refund Non-Public Schools
DR-309650 - Motor and Other Fuel Taxes EDI Technical Implementation Guide
DR-309652 - Motor and Other Fuel Taxes XML User Guide For e-file Developers and Transmitters
DR-309660 - Application for Pollutants Tax Refund

Certification Package: December 28, 2017
JAPC Certification: December 28, 2017
Certification Letter to JAPC: December 20, 2017
Cabinet Meeting for Adoption:December 13, 2017
Notice of Public Meeting - Cabinet for Adoption:December 5, 2017
Letter To JAPC: November 17, 2017
Letter From JAPC: November 3, 2017
Hearing Information: November 8, 2017
Package filed with JAPC: October 20, 2017
Notice of Proposed Rule: October 18, 2017 (Vol. 43, No. 202, pp. 4522-4526)
Cabinet Meeting for Hearing: October 17, 2017
Notice of Public Meeting - Cabinet for Hearing:October 10, 2017 (Vol. 43, No. 196, pp. 4370-4371)
Workshop Comments:September 5 - 13, 2017
Workshop Information:September 19, 2017
Draft Rule Language: September 19, 2017
Notice of Rule Development: September 5, 2017 (Vol. 43, No. 172, PP. 3838-3839)

Purpose:    The purpose of the amendments to Rule 12B-5.150, F.A.C., is to adopt, by reference, changes to forms used by the Department in the administration of the tax on motor fuels, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, pollutants, and natural gas fuel. These changes include removal of references to the $30 application and annual renewal motor fuel tax license fees, the removal of a $2 motor fuel tax refund processing fee, and the removal of the $5 application and annual renewal license fee required of applicants for a retailer of natural gas license, as eliminated by Chapter 2017-36, L.O.F.