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Corporate Income Tax Apportionment Option
Available to Citrus Processing Companies

Effective for any taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 1999, a new apportionment option is available for citrus processing companies doing business in Florida and other states.  These citrus processing companies can elect to apportion their income using only the sales factor instead of the standard three factors (property, payroll and sales) required of most other companies.  The election is made when a qualified citrus processing company files its Florida Corporate Income Tax return (Form F-1120) using the new single sales factor method.

A citrus processing company is defined as a corporation that derived more than 50% of its total gross receipts from the processing of citrus products and the manufacture of juices during the 60 month period ending on December 31, 1997.


Chapter 99-208, L.O.F.
Paragraph 220.03(1)(hh), F.S.
Section 220.151, F.S.