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TIP #98(A)1-24
Date Issued: 12/04/98

Semi-Annual and Annual Sales Tax Filers' 1998 Tax Return Due January 1, 1999

The enclosed sales and use tax return (DR-15SA) is due on January 1, 1999, and late if postmarked after January 20, 1999.  Your collection period is printed on the return.  Also enclosed is a return reply envelope for your convenience.


If you do not have any sales and use tax to report on your DR-15SA return, you can file your return using the Department's TeleFile system.  Information on TeleFiling is enclosed.

Change of Address or Business Name

If your address or the status of your business has changed or changes in the future, please complete the enclosed Change of Address or Business Name form and return it to the Department.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local service center at the telephone number listed on the back or call Tax Information Services at the numbers listed below.

Worksheet for 1999 and Discretionary Sales Surtax Rates

A worksheet and instructions to record your tax information throughout 1999 are enclosed for your use. Also enclosed is Discretionary Sales Surtax information and rates.

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s. 212.12, F.S.
Rule 12A-1.056, F.A.C.