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TIP # 00B07-01
DATE ISSUED: 04/03/00

Solid Mineral Tax Rates for Year 2000

Phosphate Rock and Heavy Minerals Producers

Each calendar year the tax rates for production of phosphate rock and heavy minerals are adjusted as provided by law.  The rates are calculated based on producer price indices published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  These adjusted rates must be used in completing the Declaration of Estimated Tax and Installment Payments of Solid Mineral Severance Tax (Form DR-142ES).

Phosphate Rock
Base rate* = $1.08 per ton
Base rate adjustment = 1.21912
Year 2000 tax rate = $1.32 per ton

*No funds were specified for the Nonmandatory Land Reclamation Trust Fund.  Therefore, the base rate of $1.35 per ton is reduced by 20% as specified in s. 211.3101(5)(c), F.S.

Heavy Minerals
Base rate = $1.34 per ton
Base rate adjustment = 2.1709
Year 2000 tax rate = $2.91 per ton

Other Solid Minerals Producers

There was no change in the tax rate for production of other solid minerals.  The tax is 8% of the taxable value of other solid minerals produced.


Sections 211.3103 and 211.3106, Florida Statutes