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TIP # 00B04-02
DATE ISSUED: 02/01/00

Documentary Stamp Tax Filing Changed to Semi-Annual


Because you paid $500 or less in documentary stamp tax during the past four calendar quarters, your filing frequency for 2000 has changed to semi-annual (June and December).

You will receive your first semi-annual documentary stamp tax return (Form DR-225) in June 2000. This return is due July 1, 2000 and late after July 20, 2000.

You will receive your second semi-annual documentary stamp tax return in December 2000. This return is due January 1, 2001 and late after January 20, 2001.

Note:  This change applies only to your filing frequency with the Department of Revenue for documentary stamp tax.  This change does not affect any other tax filings you may have with the Department or taxes administered by a local government.


12B-4, F.A.C.
Ch. 201, F.S.