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TIP #00A01-17
DATE ISSUED:07/11/00

Specialty Chemicals and Bioaugmentation
Products for Pollution Control at Manufacturing Facilities
Are Exempt from Sales and Use Tax

Effective July 1, 2000, there is an exemption from sales and use tax for specialty chemicals and bioaugmentation products for use in pollution control equipment at manufacturing facilities.

"Specialty chemicals" are defined as those chemicals that are used to enhance or further treat wastewater. These include, but are not limited to, defoamers, nutrients, polymers, and chlorine.

"Bioaugmentation products" are defined as the microorganisms used in waste treatment plants to break down solids and consume organic matter.

This exemption is subject to the following limitations:
  • Transactions for the purchase of specialty chemicals and bioaugmentation products used primarily for the control or abatement of pollution or contaminants in manufacturing, processing, compounding, or producing items of tangible personal property for sale at fixed locations shall not be subject to sales and use tax. Such transactions must be completed on or after July 1, 2000. Transactions completed prior to July 1, 2000, are not eligible for exemption.

  • Such items must be purchased for the purpose of complying with a law implemented by, or a condition of a permit issued by, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

  • The purchaser of specialty chemicals and bioaugmentation products must sign a certificate stating that the items to be exempted are required to meet such law or permit condition. A suggested format for the certificate is enclosed.


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For a written response to your questions, write:

Ch. 2000-355, L.O.F.
Section 212.051, F.S.





[Note: This certificate may be a separate document attached to purchase order(s) or may be incorporated within the purchase order(s) itself.]

The undersigned hereby declares that all devices, fixtures, machinery, equipment, structures, specialty chemicals, or bioaugmentation products purchased (or leased) from                                  (Contractor. s or Vendor. s Name) will be installed, constructed, or used at the fixed location at                                              (Address and City), Florida, County of                           , primarily for the control or abatement of pollution or contaminants in the manufacturing, processing, compounding, or production of tangible personal property for sale. Further, the undersigned declares that said items are required pursuant to a law implemented by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or required under the condition of a permit issued by DEP.

I understand any person furnishing a false certificate to a vendor for the purpose of evading payment of any tax imposed under Chapter 212, Florida Statutes, shall be subject to the penalty set forth in Section 212.085, Florida Statutes, and as otherwise provided by law.

This certification relieves the vendor from the responsibility of collecting tax on exempt sales amounts. The Department looks solely to the purchaser for recovery of tax if the purchaser was not entitled to the exemption.


Purchaser's Name (Print or Type)

_______________________________________           ______________________________________
Signature                                                      Date                       Florida Sales Tax Number



_______________________________________           _______________________________________
Federal Employer Identification                                               Telephone Number
Number or Social Security Number





Form to be retained in seller's records.

Do not send to the Department of Revenue.