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Telework at the Florida Department of Revenue

Telework Policy

Revenue's Telework Policy provides policy and step by step procedural guidance to teleworkers, their supervisors, and employees who are interested in telework and their supervisors. You can view Revenue's Telework Policy and supporting documents below

Eligibility for telework

Revenue identifies positions that are suitable for telework based on the job duties of each position. In addition to the position requirements, individual employees must have the ability to work independently and successfully communicate with customers, coworkers and their supervisor. You can view the guidelines Revenue uses to determine eligibility below.

Some factors affecting employee eligibility for telework

Revenue will consider several factors when making final decisions regarding telework. While the agency may consider a position suitable and an employee eligible, opportunities for telework are limited. Below are some of the factors Revenue considers when making final telework decisions.

  • The ability to perform duties outside of the usual place of work.
  • The benefit to the agency.
  • The employee’s performance record, knowledge, skills, abilities, and work habits.
  • The availability of resources to provide on-going secure network access, communications, or other required equipment.
  • The work unit’s ability to provide essential services to customers.
  • The impact on work flow and other work unit employees.

Positions currently not suitable for telework

Revenue generally considers all of its positions suitable for telework, unless the physical absence of the position would have an adverse impact on the work unit's productivity, reduce the service we provide to our customers, or raise the cost to the taxpayers who provide our funding. Revenue will continue to review this list and make updates as necessary. Click this link to view the positions Revenue considers not suitable for Telework.