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Petroleum Carrier

Petroleum Carrier — Petroleum carriers are common, contract, or private carriers who transport petroleum products by truck, rail, pipeline, barge, ship, or other conveyance in quantities of 500 gallons or more. Any person transporting fuel without first getting a license commits a first-degree misdemeanor.

A "carrier" is defined as every railroad company, pipeline company, water transportation company, private or common carrier, and any other person transporting motor or diesel fuel, casinghead gasoline, natural gasoline, naphtha, or distillate for others, either in interstate or intrastate commerce, to points within Florida, or from a point in Florida to a point outside the state.

Filing Returns

Licensed petroleum carriers must file a Petroleum Carrier Information Return (Form DR-309637) electronically. This return provides the state with a record of all petroleum and biofuel products moved by truck, rail, pipeline, barge, ship, or other conveyance. Florida law imposes a $5,000 penalty for each month a taxpayer files a paper return.

You can file using Revenue's secure web application. You can access the web application using your certificate number and business partner number or a Revenue-issued user ID and password. You must enroll in our e-Services program to receive a user ID and password. Enrollment has advantages: you can save your bank account and contact information, view your filing history, and reprint returns.

The Department must receive a return by the 20th day of the month following the collection period. Download Instructions for Filing Petroleum Carrier Information Return (Form DR-309637N).

Tips for Electronic Filing

Manifest – Keyed and imported data will be reviewed for filing errors. Errors will be identified as a critical error or a warning message. You must correct critical errors before you can file your return. Warning messages will not prevent you from filing a return, but you should correct them before submitting your next return. View a list of error/warning messages and codes for petroleum carriers.

Importing Files – The web application allows you to manually key or import schedule information. See import file specifications for instructions. If you have questions about importing schedule detail, contact Include the license type in your e-mail subject line.

Confirmation – Once you have successfully submitted the return and payment, you will get a confirmation number and a list of filing errors (if any). Keep a copy for your records.


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