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Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Bulletins

PTO 14-06: Written Decisions of Value Adjustment Boards

PTO 13-11: Value Adjustment Board Review; Agricultural Lands

PTO 13-10: Value Adjustment Board: Exchange of Evidence

PTO 13-06: Paper Reduction; Electronic Transmission; Value Adjustment Board

PTO 13-03: Ad Valorem Taxation

PTO 12-05: Value Adjustment Board Hearing Wait Time Limit; Value Adjustment Board Notification of Value Adjustment Board's Decision

PTO 11-12: September 26, 2011 Amendment to Rule 12D-9.019, F.A.C.

PTO 11-01: Value Adjustment Board Petitions and the Eighth Criterion

PTO 10-26: Value Adjustment Board Petitions Involving Multiple Parcels

PTO 10-24: Value Adjustment Board Hearings and Evidence Requests

PTO 10-23: Legal Effect of the Department's Property Appraisal Guidelines for Property Appraisers

PTO 10-22: Value Adjustment Board Special Magistrate Orientations and Instructional Meetings

PTO 10-21: Value Adjustment Board Organizational Meeting Requirements

PTO 10-08: Value Adjustment Board Alternative Forms

PTO 10-07: Value Adjustment Board Hearings and Confidentiality

PTO 10-05: Value Adjustment Board Rules Effective

PTO 10-03: Value Adjustment Boards Confidential Information

PTO 10-02: Update on Value Adjustment Board Rule Promulgation

PTO 09-29: VAB Training Bulletin, Special Magistrate and Board Instructions; Presumption of Correctness in Valuation Hearings

PTO 09-27: Value Adjustment Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms

PTO 09-26: Value Adjustment Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms

PTO 09-25: Training for Board Members, Board Attorneys and Special Magistrates

PTO 09-10: Challenges to Property Tax Assessments

PTO 09-07: Value Adjustment Board Procedures

PTO 08-18: Additional Information on Required Qualifications for VAB Legal Counsel

PTO 08-16: Factors to Consider In Deriving Just Valuation

PTO 08-15: Burden of Proof: Hearings before the Value Adjustment Board; And Judicial Hearings

PTO 08-14: Disclosure of Tax Impact: Additional Information Required; Value Adjustment Boards

PTO 08-13: The Duties, Employment and Training of Special Magistrates; Counties of Less Than 75,000 Population Who do not Hire Special Magistrates

PTO 08-12: Required Qualifications for Value Adjustment Board Legal Counsel

PTO 08-11: New Membership Requirements Effective September 1, 2008: Value Adjustment Boards

PTO 08-10: Value Adjustment Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms