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Maximum Millage Compliance Reports

County, municipal and independent special district property tax levies have been subject to the maximum millage limitations contained in ss. 200.185 and 200.065(5), F.S., since 2007. For each levying authority subject to the maximum millage limitations, the following links provide information on the vote required to levy their adopted millage rate, a comparison of taxes levied at the adopted rate to taxes levied in the prior year and to taxes that would have been levied at the prior year’s millage rate, the rolled-back rate, and the majority vote rate.

The Compliance with Maximum Millage Levy Calculation tables show compliance with maximum millage levy provisions of s. 200.185, F.S. The Comparison of Property Taxes Levied tables compare actual taxes levied in the current year to taxes levied in the prior year and to taxes levied in the current year at the prior year's millage rate, at the prior year's rolled-back rate, and at the prior year's majority vote rate for each taxing authority. Example: the 2010 table compares actual taxes levied in 2010 to taxes levied in 2009.

A description of the provisions governing these limitations can be found here:

The Effect of Maximum Millage Limitations 2009-10
Presented by the Florida Department of Revenue to the Senate Finance and Tax Committee on February 4, 2010.

Maximum Millage Levy Calculation History

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