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Contact Information

For Customer Support:

Primary Contact Information
Post Office Box 3000
Tallahassee, Florida 32315-3000
Telephone (850) 717-6570
Fax (850) 488-9482
Program Director's Office
Telephone: 850-717-6561
Training Mailing Address
Post Office Box 3294
Tallahassee, Florida 32315-3294

County Property Appraiser
Property appraisers establish the value of your property
each year as of January 1st. They review and apply
exemptions, assessment limitations, and classifications
that may reduce your property's taxable value.
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County Clerk of Court
This office performs tax deed sales and is responsible for
the operation of the Value Adjustment Board process. The
VAB hears and rules on challenges to a property's assessment,
classification, or exemptions.
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Find a Value Adjustment Board
County Tax Collector
This office sends tax bills, collects payments, approves
deferrals, and sells tax certificates on properties with
delinquent taxes. They answer questions about payment options
and deferrals. Tax collectors also process and issue refunds
for overpayment of property taxes. After taxes are collected,
the tax collector distributes property taxes to the local
governments and taxing authorities.
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Local Taxing Authorities
Taxing authorities set property millage, or tax, rates
each year. They may include a city, county, school board,
or water management or other special district. They hold
advertised public hearings to comment on the proposed
millage rate before approval.