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About Our Programs

Information Services Program

...enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through technology

The Information Services Program plays a major role in the support of technology projects in the agency. The Child Support Enforcement and General Tax Administration programs both use state-of-the-art computer systems to help them achieve their goals of becoming world-class organizations. Operations and ongoing maintenance of the Child Support Enforcement Automated Management System (CAMS) project are carried out by Information Services. Our applications development teams work in conjunction with business analysts both in the System for Unified Taxation (SUNTAX) and CAMS to evaluate needs and develop system requirements.

Additionally, we support the system hosting activities of UNIX administration, BASIS program language support, security, data center management, production control activities, and data and telephone communication for the entire agency.

Using technology best practices

Technology management as a discipline continues to evolve and ISO 20000 (International Organization for Standardization) is now defined as the industry standard. Based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, this standard is the model for our information technology processes. This will enable us to measure our performance and benchmark with other technology organizations around the world. From a strategic leadership perspective, the migration of the current organizational structure and operations to the ITIL standard is our main focus.


Next year we will implement a service desk - a central point of contact that all Department employees will use to request services. Services will include:

  • Incident management - to restore interrupted services to our customers.
  • Problem management - to review incidents, determine root causes, and recommend long term solutions.
  • Change management - to control changes to the production environment.
  • Release management - to test and coordinate changes to the production environment.

Underlying all of these processes will be a configuration management process, which will enable us to understand the relationship of all the different parts (hardware and software) of technology required to deliver any needed services to our customers.

Applying technology for the future

Revenue has recognized the value of using Enterprise Resource Planning software packages for common business needs and processes. Enterprise systems are used to combine the data and processes of an organization. CAMS and SUNTAX (our child support and tax administration computer systems) both use Enterprise technology, and even though each has unique requirements, we can identify business processes common to both programs and merge the technology. The Enterprise approach adds off-the-shelf programs and allows a more efficient use of limited technology resources to focus on business requirements unique to Revenue.

By applying a similar technology solution in two of the agency’s major programs, we have aligned our information services resources into areas of technical expertise. This "center of excellence" approach will help us expand similar applications into other areas of Revenue, such as reporting requirements and data mining functionality for Property Tax Administration. This common use of resources, both technical and human, will provide Revenue the flexibility and speed to respond to changes in the business environments of our programs.

What we do

We provide technology services to support the efficient and effective operation of Revenue. We strive to successfully integrate people, processes, and technology by promoting partnerships and consistently delivering solutions that advance the business objectives of Revenue.

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