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Tax Amnesty Update...from the Florida Department of Revenue

Florida's Tax Amnesty Has Ended

For immediate release
October 14, 2010

TALLAHASSEE—Florida's 2010 tax amnesty program ended on September 30.

September activity—Nearly 33,000 contacts were made with the Department concerning amnesty during September, including phone calls and inquiries at the state’s Service Centers. There were 55,878 “visits” to the amnesty web page. Collections of $106 million were received in September and more than 23,000 amnesty agreements were signed.

For the 90-day tax amnesty period:

  • Nearly 75,000 (74,676) total contacts (including calls and inquiries at Service Centers)
  • Over 120,000 (120,072) visits to the amnesty web page
  • Total cash collections for the 90-day period of $160 million*
    (*This is not a final total for collections as checks and amnesty agreements are still being processed.)
  • Over 1,600 newly registered sales tax dealers
  • A total of 41,546 amnesty agreements
  • Over 2,000 installment agreements
  • Nearly one million Taxpayer Information Publications were mailed and 385,140 emails were sent to registered taxpayers in early July.

Although Florida's tax amnesty program has ended, taxpayers can report previously unpaid or underpaid taxes through the Department's voluntary disclosure program at and pay no penalty.

Bought or received merchandise from out of state or through the Internet? Citizens can use the new online payment system found at