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September 15, 2004

Linda Bridges Named to Head Revenue Tax-expert Unit

TALLAHASSEE - Linda Bridges, a veteran Department of Revenue tax attorney with extensive experience in tax law, has been named director of the Technical Assistance and Dispute Resolution (TADR) unit of the Florida Department of Revenue, Executive Director Jim Zingale announced.

Bridges, 57, heads a unit of 60 tax attorneys, tax specialists, and associated support staff who work with taxpayers, Department of Revenue employees, legislative and other government agency staff, accountants, and others to determine how Florida tax law applies to specific business situations. The TADR unit also works with taxpayers to work out administrative solutions to disputed tax issues. Ms. Bridges will report to Jeff Kielbasa, deputy executive director of DOR, who also oversees the Office of Taxpayer Rights.

"Linda is an outstanding tax attorney," said Kielbasa. "Her years of hands-on experience in state and federal taxation will be of significant benefit to taxpayers, practitioners, and the Department in this important role."

A 1984 graduate of the Emory University law school, Ms. Bridges joined the Department of Revenue in 1996 after 12 years of private practice in federal and state tax law in Atlanta, Ga. Since joining DOR, she has served as a Tax Law Specialist, a Senior Attorney, and a Revenue Program Administrator.

Ms. Bridges succeeds Glenn Bedonie, the longtime head of TADR, who recently announced his impending retirement after 30 years of public service to Florida and a career featuring several leadership roles in audit functions and tax law administration at the Revenue Department.