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May 21, 2014

Revenue Tightens Protocol on Tax Warrants Following Media Inquiry

TALLAHASSEE, FL — After receiving media inquiries about the number of tax warrants filed in error in Florida, the Department of Revenue has renewed its pledge to provide Floridians with accurate tax processing. In 2013, the Department issued approximately 96,413 warrants, and withdrew over 7,000 (7 percent), which were filed in error. Notably, the Department filed an improper warrant for $421.64 to Governor Rick Scott for taxes that were paid correctly and on time. The error was discovered and was quickly corrected. The Department has since reviewed its warrant processing and will work to lower the number of tax warrants filed in error.

Executive Director Marshall Stranburg said, "Over 7 percent of tax warrants filed in error in 2013 is an unacceptably high percentage. Since receiving media inquiries, the Department of Revenue has worked to tighten protocol to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars. At the Department of Revenue, we strive every day to provide excellent customer service to Floridians, and we must remain focused on providing Floridians with accurate warrant processing."