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General Tax Information for Local Governments

Local Option Taxes

Information on local option taxes authorized by the legislature.

Municipal Public Service Tax (MPST)

Municipalities and charter counties can find out more about the information they must report, as required by law.

They may also search the MPST database for information as reported to the Department of Revenue.

Registration Information Sharing and Exchange (RISE) Program

Read about a program designed to help local officials with administration of tax programs, resulting in increased compliance and improved revenue collections.

Revenue Sharing

The Department of Revenue no longer requires the State Revenue Sharing Application (Form DR-700218) to be submitted annually because each local government already certifies the requirements of section (s.) 200.065, Florida Statutes (F.S.), to the Property Tax Oversight Program. Eliminating the application reduces duplication of information provided by local governments, which saves time and financial resources.

For information on eligibility requirements documented in the application, please refer to s. 218.23, F.S. A minimum amount of revenue must be generated from a combination of the following four sources: a county remittance pursuant to s. 125.01(6)(a), F.S.; ad valorem tax; occupational license tax; and utility tax. The minimum revenue required to be eligible to participate in revenue sharing beyond the minimum entitlement can be found on the 3 mill equivalency chart.

Local governments that believe they do not meet the requirements of the application are encouraged to contact the Department at