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Florida Alternative Tax Forms

Alternative Florida tax forms are any Florida tax forms not produced by the Department of Revenue.  These include any tax form that is computer produced, computer programmed, or commercially printed.

Computerized tax processors, developers of tax software, computer programmers, commercial printers, and others who develop and/or produce alternative Florida tax forms must register annually with the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR), as an alternative form vendor and get approval of their alternative Florida tax forms annually before selling, releasing, licensing, or distributing them as a paper copy or as part of a software product.

Florida does not approve the use of any alternative sales tax forms. If you use a worksheet provided by a software vendor to compute your Florida sales tax, you MUST transfer the information to the personalized Sales and Use Tax coupon mailed to you by the department.

To register as an alternative Florida tax forms vendor, complete Form GT-320227, (R. 06/17). Please mail as indicated on the form.

DOR's primary goal is to ensure all alternative Florida tax forms:

are compatible with FDOR's automated processing system; are compatible with FDOR's image processing system;  result in the accurate assessment of the taxpayer's tax liability; and,  present information in a uniform pattern.

Authorized Vendors for Alternative Tax Forms

The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) processes many tax forms electronically. Forms that are generated by software programs, often referred to as alternative forms, must be approved by DOR so that they present information in a uniform pattern and can be processed properly.

The companies listed below provide alternative Florida tax forms and have filed with the Department, agreeing to comply with its requirements. Filing does not mean that a specific form has been approved. If you use a computer software program to generate a tax form, be sure the form is approved by the Department.

Note: The Department does not endorse any individual company or software program.

Companies that have registered with the Department to produce alternative Florida tax forms for their own use are not listed below.

Approved Vendor List as of 05/26/2017.