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ALERT: Taxpayers using outdated browsers will not be able to access interactive websites beginning September 1, 2016. The Department of Revenue is raising its standards for securing communication between web browsers and its interactive websites. If you are using an older version of a web browser, you may be blocked from logging in. Once the changes are made to each website, we will allow access only through web browsers that use Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.1 and 1.2. Visit our browser security page for more details.

Tax Collector Revenue Remittance System

All Florida Tax Collectors who remitted in excess of $20,000 in tax during the previous state fiscal year (July-June) are required to file and pay tax electronically.

This site enables Tax Collectors to file and pay the following, electronically:

  • Motor vehicle warranty fees
  • Interest earned on investment of funds
  • 6% sales tax and/or discretionary sales surtax

Before using this remittance system, Tax Collectors must update their e-Services enrollment profile. Using their current EFT User ID and Passcode, they should change their filing/payment method to "Internet file and pay (ACH-Debit)." For counties with multiple office locations, this process must be repeated with each User ID and Passcode.

Help topics

  • Banking information

    Banking information

    The bank name, routing and account numbers on the banking information page will default to the information you provided during your e-Services enrollment. To change this information, see "Change your banking or contact information."

    Below is a graphic example of where to find the routing number (sometimes referred to as ABA number, routing/transit number, R/T number, or bank routing number) and account number on your paper check.

    Sample check indicating where to find banking information, specifically the bank routing number and the bank account number on your paper check.

  • Change Tax Collector's name

    Change Tax Collector's name

    Should you need to change the name of the Tax Collector, please fax a request to the e-Services Unit explaining the reason for the change and include official documentation to support the change.

  • Change your banking or contact information

    Change your banking or contact information

    To change the banking or contact information for a single submission, simply clear the applicable fields and enter the new information. This type of change will only be effective for the current submission. To make permanent changes to this information, you will need to update your e-Services profile.

  • Change your password

    Change your password

    Fax a written request to change your password. Include your User ID, your old password, and your new password request. New passwords must be numeric (0-9), and must be eight (8) digits in length.

    Note: If your User ID begins with "S," we must assign a new User ID in order to change your password. If your User ID begins with "AF," only your password will change.

  • Collection allowance: when and how much to take

    Collection allowance: when and how much to take

    Dealers who electronically file and pay sales and use tax on time are entitled to deduct a collection allowance. The collection allowance is 2.5% (.025) of the first $1,200 of tax due, not to exceed $30. The collection allowance may be denied when a taxpayer files an incomplete return, fails to file and pay electronically, or if the required tax return or tax is delinquent at the time of payment. (Section 212.12(1), Florida Statutes; Rule 12A-1.056(2), Florida Administrative Code).

    County officers who collect money on behalf of the state are required to deposit the funds directly to the account of the State Treasury no later than seven working days from the close of the week during which the officer received the funds (ss. 116.01 and 219.07, F.S.). County tax collectors report and remit sales tax to the Department on a weekly basis, some more frequently. County tax collectors who electronically file and pay on time are entitled to a collection allowance of 2.5% of the first $1,200 of sales tax due and reported on each return filed.

  • Contact information on banking information page

    Contact information on banking information page

    Provide the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person responsible for submitting the revenue remittance. This will be the person the Department contacts if problems occur with the transmission/payment.

  • Deadlines for submission

    Deadlines for submission

    All Tax Collector remittances must be in the State treasury on the seventh business day following the close of the collection week (generally Monday-Friday). In order to meet this due date requirement, you must submit your payment and/or return/remittance detail before 5 pm Eastern Time (ET), on the sixth business day following the close of the collection week. If you wish to remit on a more frequent basis, the system will permit you to do so.

    Refer to the County Officers' Calendar of Remittance Dates for specific deadlines. See also sections 116.01, and 219.07, Florida Statutes, for specific requirements.

  • For your records

    For your records

    When you have submitted your report and payment, you will receive a confirmation page containing a summary of the tax or fee remitted and the payment information. Save or print this page for your records. You will not have access to this page after you log out.

  • Replacing a failed electronic payment

    Replacing a failed electronic payment

    If your payment is rejected by your bank (it bounces), the Department will notify you with a Demand for Payment (Form DR-122), which includes the reason for the rejection/failure.

    Follow these procedures to replace the payment and clear the liability:

    1. Call the Department at the number shown on the notice, or call the Returned Items unit at 850-410-4461.
    2. Request that the Returned Item Fee be waived, as you are a governmental entity.
    3. Notify the Department that you have already replaced, or will be replacing the payment electronically.
    4. Never write a check. Always replace failed payments using this online file and pay system.
    5. Log in and select the "Returned Item Repayment" option to resubmit the payment.
    6. Select the original collection period and enter the amount of the original payment. Do not resubmit a tax or fee report.
    7. Enter your banking and contact information and submit the replacement payment.

Help is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

e-Services Tax Collector Help Desk

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