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Red Light Camera Remittance System (RLCRS)


In 2010, the Legislature created the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program and authorized the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a county, or a municipality to use a traffic infraction detector to identify a motor vehicle that fails to stop at a traffic control signal steady red light.

Through the use of this system, counties and municipalities will remit the collection of funds provided for in Chapter 2010-80 to the Department of Revenue weekly.

Help is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Contacts for help

e-Services Help Desk:
Revenue Accounting (to correct an erroneous submission):

What's New

This tab will be updated with the latest legislative changes when they occur.

Help Topics

For additional information concerning these "Help Topics", please refer to the User Guide.

  • Change Local Gov't name

    Change name

    Should you need to change the name of the local government, please send a request to the e-Services Unit explaining the reason for the change and include official documentation to substantiate the change.

  • Change your password

    Change your password

    Please refer to the User Guide.

  • Contact information on File & Pay page

    Contact information on File & Pay page

    Fill in the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person responsible for submitting the revenue remittance. This will be the person the Department contacts if problems occur with the transmission/payment.

  • Correcting a previous submission

    Correcting a previous submission

    As soon as you determine that a submission has been made in error (i.e., funds entered on incorrect line, incorrect amount of funds entered, etc.), contact the Department of Revenue. Our Refunds & Distribution Process will gladly facilitate the correction. If the error involved your bank routing and account number, see, "Replacing a failed electronic payment."

  • Deadlines for submission

    Deadlines for submission

    See remittance calendar.

  • For your records

    For your records

    Once you have submitted filings using the new system, they will be stored for review in the Remittance History area. They will also be listed here (every remittance will be listed here until the detail is posted and the payment is fully processed between financial institutions; do not assume that because a remittance is listed here it represents a failed payment).

  • Replacing a failed electronic payment

    Replacing a failed electronic payment

    To replace a failed payment, simply select the item that failed, under the Returned Item Tab. Then click "Select" to proceed to the payment screen. The failed item and its detail have been selected and now the user will select the bank account from which to make the replacement payment. Submit payment. No guessing about dollar amount and no need to re-enter line items. Contact the DOR Helpdesk for assistance.