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Online Application for Tax Refund

Apply Online for Refund of Tax Overpayment


You may complete a refund application DR-26 or DR-26S online to start the refund process. Upon the submission of the form, you will be given a confirmation page with a confirmation number on it. Please print the page or write down the confirmation number. The Department may notify you within 30 days of refund submission of any documentation necessary to process your refund claim. The application will not be considered valid until we receive all supporting documents. You may provide your supporting documentation online using the following link:

Attach Supporting Documentation.

If you cannot submit your documentation online, you may forward it by mail or fax. Please provide your confirmation number on all future correspondence relating to this refund application.

Mail correspondence to:

Florida Department of Revenue
Refunds Process
P.O. Box 6470
Tallahassee, Fl 32314-6470
Fax number: (850) 410-2526

For specific refund related questions, i.e. refund application and/or refund procedures, the number is 850-617-8585.

Information needed

Before you begin, you should gather specific information about the tax refund you are requesting. The following information is needed to fill in your application for refund:

  1. The refund tax type
  2. The exact amount of the refund requested
  3. The identification number under which the tax was paid (one of the following):
    • Social Security Number
    • Federal Employer Identification Number for your business
    • Aviation Fuels License Permit Number
    • Motor Fuels License Permit Number
    • Sales Tax Certificate Number
    • Business Partner Number
    • Contract Object Number
  4. The collection period shown on the tax return for which you are requesting a refund
  5. The reason for which you are requesting the refund


Overview:  This site utilizes an online application form to allow the taxpayer to apply for a tax refund. Once you have opened the application please follow the instructions listed below.

  • There are 2 different online forms (DR-26 and the DR-26S). The DR-26S is for Sales and Use Tax and Surtax. Other refund requests should use the DR-26 form.
  • After you have completed filling in the form, press the Submit button. If you are prompted with an error screen, please correct the problems and submit again. If all information is complete and valid then a confirmation page is displayed. This page will list instructions as to when and where to send in the supportive paperwork, the data that you have entered and your confirmation number. This confirmation number will be used to identify this request for a refund for future reference.
  • Please print 2 copies of this page (one to send to the Department of Revenue, one for your own records).

Apply for a refund online