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Address/Tax Rate Lookup Page

The Address/Tax Rate Lookup Page provides access to the Department's Address/Jurisdiction Database and the PointMatch Address Lookup Screen.

The PointMatch Address Lookup Screen:

  • Contains taxing jurisdiction data and current tax rates.
  • Can be used by communication services tax providers, sales tax dealers, and the public to find tax rates for communications services tax, general sales tax, discretionary sales surtax, and tourist development tax based on the address entered.
  • Can be used by insurers to find the taxing jurisdiction for insurance premium tax based on the address entered.
  • Does not require registration to use.

The Address/Jurisdiction Database (located in PointMatch):

  • Does not contain tax rates.
  • Contains addresses organized by county or jurisdiction.
  • Contains taxing jurisdiction names (city and county) and Feature ID codes for each address in the database.
  • Is updated every six months.
  • Can be downloaded by dealers, vendors, insurers, local governments, or others.
  • Can be downloaded in the Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing format developed for use by wireless telecommunications services providers and approved by the American National Standards Institute.
  • Does not require registration to download files.