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Apply for Child Support Services

We are currently developing a child support application for services which you can complete and submit online. More information will be provided when this service is available on this site. Until then, please see instructions below for how to apply for services at this time. Thank you.

You may apply for child support services if:

  • You are the parent or caregiver of a child who needs or is owed child support.
  • You are a parent who is owed unpaid support.

You do not need to apply if:

  • You have recently applied for assistance from the state.
  • You now receive public assistance from the state.

We will automatically provide child support services.

You may not need to apply if:

  • You received public assistance or child support services in the past. Your case may still be open.
  • If you received child support services from another state, you may need to contact that state to find out if your case is still open.

To apply for services you can visit your local child support office or call us and ask for an application to be mailed to you.

After You Sign Up for Our Services

We may ask you for more information or forms after we get your completed application. It is important that you give us the information we need right away. We may ask you for:

  • Your current income information. This could include check stubs; W-2 forms; 1099 forms if self-employed and federal income tax returns for the past 3 years.
  • A completed Financial Affidavit
  • A completed Paternity Declaration

We will start your case when we get the signed application and all the information we need. This should take no longer than 21 calendar days.

Tell us right away about any changes in:

  • Your address or employment
  • The other parent's address or employment