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Registering a Nonprofit in Florida

Not-for-profit charitable, educational, religious, scientific, and veterans organizations do not automatically qualify for state or federal tax exemptions. To find out more, contact each of the following offices.

Government Agency Tax Exemption Information

Internal Revenue Service

visit IRS

Exemptions provided by Section 501(a), Internal Revenue Code Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization, describes the various types of organizations that may qualify for federal tax-exempt status and the forms you need to file. To request recognition from the IRS for tax-exempt status as defined under Section 501 (a), complete Form 1023. To ask the IRS for a determination letter clarifying your organization's filing obligations, complete Form 1024.

Florida Department of State - Division of Corporations

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Provisions under Chapter 617, Florida Statutes

Download the Florida Not-for-profit Corporation Act booklet, which contains all necessary forms and instructions that must be filed by not-for-profit organizations in Florida.

Florida Department of Revenue - Account Management

Provisions under Chapter 212, Florida Statutes

Certain not-for-profit organizations are exempt from sales and use tax on purchases and rentals of tangible personal property if that property is used in carrying out the organization's not-for-profit activities. To receive an exemption, the organization must file an Application for Consumers Certificate of Exemption (Form DR-5) with the Department of Revenue and be granted the exemption. Please note that exemption from Florida's sales and use taxes has no impact or bearing on whether a not–for–profit entity will be exempt from Florida's other taxes, such as ad valorem tax or corporate income tax. For more information on sales and use tax exemptions for not-for-profit organizations, contact Account Management at the number provided.

Florida Department of Agriculture - Division of Consumer Services
1-800-435-7352 (Florida only) or 850-410-3800 (out-of-state)

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Provisions under, Chapter 496 Florida Statutes

Charitable organizations or sponsors intending to solicit contributions from the public in Florida must annually register with the Division of Consumer Services. Access the required forms on the DACS website.

Florida Department of Transportation - State Maintenance Office
866-374-3368 ext. 5757

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Provisions under Section 496.425, Florida Statutes

Not-for-profit organizations intending to solicit contributions from the public at Florida highway rest stops must obtain permission from their local DOT Maintenance Unit by completing form #850-040-70, Permit Application for Public Use of Rest Areas, Wayside Parks and Solicitation on State Highways. For a complete listing of local maintenance units or additional information, call the State Maintenance Office.